Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Human Factor | Real People, Proven Results

Ever tried translating a technical compound complex sentence using Google Translate or Trados etc.?

You end up with something far from what you expect in your target language...  In short, something close to garbage.

Here at AGM | Active Gaming Media | アクティブゲーミングメディア, as always, in-house staff and natives to specific cultures and languages do their utmost best to deliver close, if not near accurate translations/localizations for specific projects.  May it be games, manga, websites, applications, etc.  We always strive to get the project done in the most natural, correct and convincing localization delivery.  No other company even comes close.  True, Tried and Tested.

At Active Gaming Media, we do not only translate words.  We translate their meaning...

Call it the Human Factor...

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